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 Without an effective SEO strategy, the chances of your website making it to the front page of Google will be slim. Without website users your profit from your online business will also be slim. We provide SEO help at affordable rates.

SEO Service by Digital Ads?


SEO can be an absolute headache when it comes to the ever-changing algorithms and SEO strategies that must go with it. By partnering with Digital Ads, you’re leaving all the heavy lifting and potential headaches to us so that you can continue to focus on what you do best.

We are well experienced in dealing with the ever-shifting goal posts and in most cases when there has been an algorithm update, our clients have benefited as a result of our clean SEO strategies.

Our Strategy


There are many elements of your website that need to be maintained and edited in order for Google to find and present your business. It’s the meta-tags, meta descriptions, image descriptions, understanding site speed and crawlability. 

Great Content

To get your business seen on google, it’s all about using the right keywords in the right way to develop engaging content.  We’ll work with you on keyword research to find the best keywords, then how to write “google friendly” copy. 


Good quality, sustained backlinks are a sign of your website’s credibility and is the most important component of any SEO campaign. We ensure that our clients get the best, relevant quality backlinks and improve your SERP results.

Effective SEO Strategies

We understand that time is money, which is why we offer our clients a fast trouble free service from our experts in the field of Search Engine Optimisation. which will leave you with the confidence to concentrate on your business.

Our SEO Service

Your website needs to appear on the first page of results, and as high up as possible for keyword phrases that your  customers will type into Google when searching for your products and/or services.

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