.......a lot more than just pretty images on a screen!

Experience design at scale

Designing at scale for us involves providing reusable solutions that can work across multiple contexts, having access to professional user research, and also trying to provide future-proof designs, as far as we are able to.

Understand your user experience

We focus on developing a deep understanding of  your users, what they need, what they value, their abilities, and also their limitations.  We also take into account your business goals and objectives . UX design promotes improving the quality of your user’s interactions with and perceptions of your product and any related services.

remain responsive across devices

Responsive web design is important for your website to fit the screens of different devices automatically, displaying the content in a way that people feel comfortable. This greatly reduces users’ operations like panning, zooming and scrolling when browsing the web.


our Design Process

Project Discovery

It sounds simple, but in practice, it can be quite complex. The discovery phase could include research, analysis and discussions to determine the requirements.

Wireframes & Architecture

Site architecture includes the sitemap and wireframes of pages. Creating the sitemap ensures that you’ve considered all the key pages and navigation

Visual Design

We create a visual style that is in keeping with your brand identity We strive to visually convey key brand perceptual ideas within the design.

Mobile First

Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop usage in 2016. Mobile-first helps us to create a consistent user experience across all devices leading to happier users.

Site Testing

We test on a local server where only internal audiences can view the content. This is critical as there will inevitably be issues that need to be addressed before the site goes live.

Website Launch

Once your new site is launched, the project isn’t over — be prepared to address feedback from users. Expect to make some immediate changes to the site.

DIY website build

If you are creating your own website we can help with your process.
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